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Eat This Record

by Fairbanks

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Once again I'm trapped in a place that I meant to exile. A sentimental straight jacket I've been in for a while. This doubting shit's a subtle drilling in my bones. I've found more comfort just from sitting here alone. I'm slipping out of my seat and just now realizing something isn't sitting well with me. It's burning in my wits from taking so much shit. Something isn't sitting well with me. Sulking in mistakes is just like acid on my flesh. I sit here rotting, some things can't get off my chest. Staying so uptight helps me keep my sanity. From my perspective there's some things I still can't see. I guess it's just my motive. I'm obsessive compulsive. A scattered brain, rage in my veins
Staring at the ceiling recollecting myself. I'm a disposal for this kind of thing. Syphon everything out of my head while my skin is molding to the bed. I'm stuck wondering what's in me that's decomposing all reality. It's more than I can take. The reason I'm staying awake. I find it mind-numbing that worse things could get to me. My mind wants to panic, my thoughts won't let it, I'm not seeing straight. Zoning in and out of frustration, suffocating from my aggression. It all seems unreal to me, but I guess it boils down to this. I'm alright.
In my eyes you disappeared, now your words don't seem so clear. I'm sick of all the regret and it's your fault. Sitting here inside my room, in my mind destroying you. It's my way of faking my escape. I'm constantly afraid that my thoughts have rearranged everything I see, my morality. I'm being torn to shreds hanging on to what you said. I put to rest the things I second guessed. The image sustained my sight, it leaves me shaking at night. Signs of hope, they left me down the road. I made incisions in my decisions. Gutted out my apathy, its the thing that ruins me. I think I'm content with keeping you upset. I haven't had much rest over things I distress. Your advice to me was worth forgetting.
I'm hanging by a thread, the blood rushes to my head. There's a growing pain in my stability. It tends to make me sick, feels like I'm sociopathic. My intentions constrict this out of me. It's all that I can see when I'm not caught in anticipation, laying across my bed at night in fear. I'm fucked if I can't help myself back up into this setting. Played it off and kept safe through the year. I'm such a nervous wreck, it sends chills right down my neck. Being incontent is so satisfying. Then again who gives a fuck, and I blame it on my luck that i'll never comprehend quite what this means.
Luminary 02:16
It's been so long. I'm losing all my perception. I'm like a ghost on a mindless roam seeking direction. I'm trying to remember if I ever knew your name. My brain's bleeding memories. I deceived you the same. Its been so long. I'm eating you like a disease. Now I know the pathetic words that decay your teeth. If I cared to ask you why I'm tangled up in your insides. Would that mean I'm giving in? I hope you're starting to ache. Shy me away. Unanswered questions permanently carved in this page.


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released December 29, 2012

Austin Waymire- Vocals and Guitar
Austin Carroll- Bass
Keaton Khonsari- Drums

Tracked, Mixed, and Mastered by Daniel Schmuck in Denton, Texas.


all rights reserved



Fairbanks Dallas, Texas

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