Pipe Dream

by Fairbanks

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released April 3, 2012



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Fairbanks Dallas, Texas

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Track Name: Note to Self
Caved in suddenly, lost in my head, I feel a steady pulse shaking, and part of me is sick from being told that I should
overthink this shit. Cant let this go now. Sink into apathy you're too fucking apalled to see, severed thoughts inside you.
Waste another breath on what you call sympathy, severed thoughts inside you. The bitter taste at the tip of my tongue
is an affront that I've avoided. Every second bared left a throbbing in my head. Pushing pictures off the nightstand.
I gasped for air and told myself, Im just isolated from whats supposed to help me. Theres questions I cant handle
and blister my mind. It gets to me every single time.
Track Name: Out Cold
Give me a minute to think this through, I keep on complaining at my own mistakes. Theres something I hear and it makes me think so differently. I feel like a nervous wreck when Im around. Does it make much sense for me to speak this so loud? What ever happened to this place, it doesnt feel the same. I tried to cope with the things that I hate, I locked them out for good, I couldnt do it. I just want to get away. It doesnt feel the same. I hope that its in me to leave.
Track Name: Pipe Dream
Borded up and I cant help but notice that its way too late. I try to change this routine with the days. I'll go back to dazing when this fucking pen drops, and sit here and wonder if this shit will ever stop. I'll dig my way out of this. Dried and stale, I feel like everythings decayed. Options in the distance I can barely fit my head through. I hope this will help me sleep. Ive woken up and realized im just stuck in this place.
Track Name: Turncoat
You thought everything was okay. Im still not convinced that you're pulled back together so I'll just pass you by. Dont mind if I forget. I figured that I had nothing to lose so I took it because Im tired of fucking everything you do.